Please click each award name to reveal the details and use the online nominations form to submit a nomination for 2018.

We look forward to recognizing this year’s winners at the annual conference in July.


For consideration of the ABSAP Awards, the following guidelines have been implemented:

Selecting Body

The selection committee consists of members of the ABSAP Awards Committee, with final consultation provided by the ABSAP Board of Directors.


The call for nominations is posted to the ABSAP community on LinkedIn. Nominations are typically sought two to three months prior to the annual conference, and submissions are typically due a few weeks prior to the conference. The award is presented to the recipient and/or school at the annual conference.

NOTE: Similar to the way in which we showcase each school’s promotional materials at the annual conference, the award recipients may be asked (where appropriate)—in a similar venue—to showcase the initiatives that led to winning the awards.

In addition to these five professional awards, the "SAPPYS" will be awarded for various fun/comical antics that happen during the conference. All attendees are able to vote on these awards. More details about these awards will be provided at the conference.

For any questions about the ABSAP Awards Program, please contact Please include "ABSAP Awards" in the subject line of your email.