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$295 Annual Dues. Membership is limited to the Top 30 B-schools. Visit the “Join” page for more details.

Annual Conference

The ABSAP Conference is an annual event dedicated to sharing knowledge, fostering connections, and celebrating the significant accomplishments of ABSAP member schools.

The 2024 conference will be hosted in July by the Yale School of Management in New Haven, CT on July 22-25, 2024. Plan now to attend with your entire alumni team!

Get Connected ​

The private LinkedIn group for dues-paid member schools provides an easy way to keep track of ABSAP connections.


Founded in 2001, The Association of Business School Alumni Professionals (ABSAP) is a network and resource for alumni professionals working in the top 30 business schools, as defined by the rankings of Bloomberg Businessweek for full-time residential MBA programs and U.S. News & World Report for undergraduate business programs.

Business schools face unique challenges in preparing students for the business world. The relationship with students is only the beginning as it continues beyond graduation into their lives as alumni. Managing global alumni networks is a critical component of a business school’s Advancement mission.